Neverland is the second single released by Alessa XO, from her new album “WE ARE ONE”.

After composing the anthem “WE ARE ONE”, for the World Body Painting Festival in 2018 and a further performance at the festival in 2019, the New York based singer-songwriter, is consistently following her path to success.

Alessa wrote the song while she was in Puerto Rico, with her family, a few years ago. Alessa was so fascinated by the beautiful landscape of the country, that she picked out two famous tales as a central theme for her song. Namely, Peter Pan and Shakespeare's

Romeo and Juliet. In the story of Peter Pan, Neverland is a fictional island, on which small children never grow older, and in doing so they avoid growing up and taking on responsibilities. The term “Neverland” is often used as a metaphor for eternal childhood, immortality and escapism. In Shakespeare's well-known story Romeo and Juliet, two young people, from rival families, fall in love and thereby a hopeless situation develops for the young lovers.

In Alessa's version of the story, a boy and a girl from different worlds fall in love. Their different family structures and lifestyles are depicted in the modern music video, which was shot in London. Their love is almost impossible and must be hidden due to the girls strict and rich family. In the song the term “Neverland” becomes a metaphorical place for the couples dreams, in which they can finally be together and as the song says “fantasies never end”.

The mainstream ballad Neverland and its groovy remixes cover a broad spectrum. As a bonus, there are further remixes of her last single “WE ARE ONE” on the CD.

Currently, ALESSA XO is rehearsing for her “WE ARE ONE” club tour, where she will only sing her own songs from her upcoming

album. For booking requests contact Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Alessa XO • Neverland: 1) Apollo • ATSF71900101 • 4:02 • 119 BPM 2) Venus • ATSF71900102 • 3:50 • 119 BPM 3) Zeus 3select® Dee-Jays RMX • ATSF71900103 • 3:43 • 125 BPM 4) Ceres • ATSF71900104 • 3:52 • 119 BPM 5) Apollo Extended • ATSF71900105 • 4:17 • 119 BPM 6) Zeus 3select® Dee-Jays RMX Extended • ATSF71900106 • 4:43 • 125 BPM Writer: Alessa Xo Composer: Werner Schneeweiss Publisher: 3select Edition - IP-Nr.: 00619457130 Vocals: Alessa Xo Backing Vocals: Thomas Trinkl | Silke Trinkl | Corinna Tomaschitz | Michael Macher | Werner Schneeweiss Keyboards, Additional Keyboards, Drums & Sound-Programming: Mr. Smart Bones | Dominik Hemmer | Michael Macher Thomas Trinkl | Werner Schneeweiss Violin: Jenny Gheorghita Guitars: Georg Jantscher | Mr. Smart Bones Produced, Recorded, Remixed by Mr. Smart Bones | Dominik Hemmer | Michael Macher | Werner Schneeweiss Thomas Trinkl Mastered by USP-Enterprises | Mr. Smart Bones | Pink Noise Recording Studio | Sunshine Mastering Bonus: Alessa Xo • We are one: 7) Tommy Thurner Remix • ATSF71900021 • 3:43 • 128 BPM 8) Mark Cross RMX ATSF71900031 • 5:38 • 138 BPM Track 7 & 8 Writer: Alessa Xo

Composer: Mr. Smart Bones | Dominik Hemmer Michael Macher | Werner Schneeweiss Publisher: 3select Edition - IP-Nr.: 00619457130 Neverland-Video Produced by Caz McKinnon - | Aerial Drone Footage by Konstantin Kurasch - | Photo: Chris Montgomery Cover-Artwork by Mr. Snowknow Booking & Management by Label, License Request (P) + © by 3SELECT® DJS - LC 86175 • MC-D 39.1707-1 • EAN: 9120039170718 • AUSTRO MECHANA Distributed by 3SELECT® EDITION - • Made in the EU. All trademarks and logos are protected.

Alexa XO - Neverland